NTUC Income's Gro Capital Ease
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NTUC Income's Gro Capital Ease

Pay by:*

We recommend that you pay through Internet Banking due to the COVID19 situation. However, cheque and cashier's order modes of payment remain available.

Details on the Cheque payment methods will also be emailed to you. 
Method 1: Cheques can be submitted at: 
China Taiping: Life Insurance Mailbox at Level 2
3 Anson Road, Springleaf Tower 
Singapore 079909

Method 2: Cheque can be mailed via postal service to:
China Taiping Insurance Singapore 
3 Anson Road 
#18-00 Springleaf Tower 
Singapore 079909

Your policy number will be emailed to you in 1-2 working days. You can proceed to make payment via bank transfer after you have received your policy number as this will need to be quoted as a payment reference number.   

* For Bank Transfer, Funds are to be paid out of an account held in your name (i.e. the policyholder).

Details on the Cashier's Order (CO) payment methods will also be emailed to you. 
Method 1: COs can be submitted at: 
China Taiping: Life Insurance Mailbox at Level 2
3 Anson Road, Springleaf Tower 
Singapore 079909

Method 2: COs can be mailed via postal service to:
China Taiping Insurance Singapore 
3 Anson Road 
#18-00 Springleaf Tower 
Singapore 079909

The Cashier's Order Application Form must be submitted together with the Cashier's Order.

Email Address
Handphone No. (8 digit of your phone no)
SRS Acc No.

Please check that your DBS SRS account number has 14 digits and ends with 223.

Please check that your OCBC SRS account number has 12 digits and ends with 223.

Please check that your UOB SRS account number has 9 digits and starts with 180.

First Name
Last Name
NRIC Number
Date of Birth
Residental Address
Postal Code
Nature of Work(*)
Name of Employer(*)
Nature of Business(*)
Annual Income S$(*)
Are you a smoker?(*)
Residential Address
Postal Code
How did you accumulate your wealth?


I confirm that I am solely a tax resident of Singapore and do not have a foreign tax residency. My Singapore TIN is my NRIC or FIN.
I am not a Politically Exposed Person (PEP).
I confirm that I am the payor as well as the proposer for this plan.
I am not currently applying for any other Life Insurance policies and I do not intend to replace any of my existing policies with this policy.
I would not like my dependant(s) to be taken into consideration for the needs analysis and recommendation(s).
I wish to receive product advice only and do not need my other insurance plans to be considered for needs analysis.
My financial priority is short-term savings. I prefer fixed income, capital guaranteed products. The return is within my expectations.
I tend to be conservative and would sell my investments to preserve cash in a short-term decline and I am uncomfortable with any loss of capital.
Capital preservation is my priority and my investment time frame is less than 5 years.
There are no events that will affect my financial condition in the next 12 months.
Inflation of 0.57% is reasonable as this was the 2019 inflation.

I understand that my personal data will be used and transfered to InsureDIY Pte Ltd in accordance with the Privacy Policy, although I understand that InsureDIY Pte Ltd acknowledges that I may opt out of the use of my personal data for direct marketing purposes by indicating as such to [email protected].

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In the event that this product is oversubscribed, we will keep you updated on future tranches as these become available.

Key features for

NTUC Income's Gro Capital Ease

 (Details below are for the Sept 2020 Tranche. The next tranche return has not been announced yet.) 

Guaranteed Returns


(Return is not confirmed for the next tranche.)

Capital Guaranteed

Guaranteed & Covered by SDIC

3 year term

3-Year Term

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Why Apply Early for Gro Capital Ease

NTUC Income's Gro Capital Ease is a 3-Year savings product that gives a much higher guaranteed return compared to fixed deposits (0.05% p.a. to 1%) or Singapore Savings Bonds (0.32%). 

Gro Capital Ease applications are now closed. Please apply early for the next tranche of short-term endowment products here. 

Other open Short-Term Endowment tranches:

China Taiping's Jan 2021 i-Save (3-Year, 1.6% p.a.) (Apply here)

InsureDIY is the only adviser platform offering NTUC Income's Gro Capital Ease with an online processYou will be able to apply and transfer the premium to NTUC Income directly all from the comfort of your own home. We are an online financial adviser licensed by MAS and we are an approved adviser by NTUC Income.  


InsureDIY Promotion (Sept 2020 - Closed)

Get DIY$10 for Single Premium amounts of S$40,000 and above and DIY$5 for Single Premium amounts below S$40,000!

Single Premium Amount Bonus Reward
Below S$40,000 DIY$5
S$40,000 and above DIY$10


Refer your friends and family for Gro Capital Ease and get DIY$10 each.


Referral Reward
DIY$10 each


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Gro Capital Ease Sept 2020 Details (CLOSED TRANCHE)

NTUC Income's Gro Capital Ease is a 3-year single premium plan that provides a guaranteed return higher than the returns provided by Singapore Savings Bonds and fixed deposit rates.

This tranche can be paid for with cash or your SRS funds.

In addition to the guaranteed return at the end of 3 years, NTUC's Gro Capital Ease also includes an additional 5% Death and Total & Permanent Disability benefit cover from the second year. 

NTUC Income's Sept 2020 Gro Capital Ease Product Illustration (Now closed. Register early for the next tranche.)

Policy Gro Capital Ease (CSN6)
Policy Term 3 Years


  Death Benefit Surrender Value
End of Policy Year Total Premiums Paid to Date (S$) Guaranteed(S$) Guaranteed(S$)
1 1,000.00 1,000.00 815.70
2 1,000.00 1,050.00 831.65
3 1,000.00 1,050.00 847.95
3 1,000.00 Maturity Value


Other guaranteed return,
capital guaranteed tranches


Product Expected Launch Date Register for these Products here:

10 SG Logo ChinaTaiping

China Taiping's i-Save

1.6% p.a. 3-Year plan

Tranche Open Apply Now 

Here are some common questions
about NTUC Income's Gro Capital Ease Plan

1. Is there any difference between buying NTUC Income Gro Capital Ease through InsureDIY or from NTUC Income directly?

InsureDIY is distributing the same product NTUC Income Gro Capital Ease as NTUC Income. However, we are offering exclusive promotions on Gro Capital Ease that are not available anywhere else. We are also the only distributor to offer an immediate online application process. So you will get more value through our promo and you also save time!


2. Is there a difference between using cash to pay for the NTUC Gro Capital Ease premium versus using my SRS Funds? 

No, there is no difference in terms of the return on the policy. Of course, if you use your SRS Funds to pay for the policy, then the proceeds will be paid back to your SRS Fund. For policholders who pay in cash, the maturity proceeds will be paid by cheque to the policyholder.


3. What is the maximum premium size for NTUC Gro Capital Ease? 

There is no specific maximum premium size. The maximum single premium per insured is subject to financial underwriting.


4. What are the minimum and maximum ages for NTUC Gro Capital Ease?

Insureds from ages 10 to 80 can apply for NTUC Gro Capital Ease.


5. If I am a foreigner, can I apply for NTUC Gro Capital Ease?

Yes. However, you must be residing in Singapore at the time of application. We would need to collect additional documents:


  • Copy of passport with proof of entry
  • Valid employment pass for those who are working (minimum validity of 6 months prior to expiry)
  • Student pass or dependant pass is required for those who are not working
  • Proof of residential address such as a copy of the utility bills, bank statement or letters issued by statutory or government bodies (dated within past 6 months)


Please do email us the above documents at [email protected] after filling in our online application form here.

InsureDIY is a Broker licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and is an Exempt Financial Adviser. This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.